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SHELVES - System Jestrax - Stainless steel sliding


Jestrax Gliding Shelves

Space for storage is costly. Especially when used for cool rooms.

For the cost, conscious companies, making the best use of such space is a matter of high priority.

Jestrax is a high density, space – saving shelving system – the result of careful research by Jestrabek Metalltechnik – the shelving specialists – into needs for the modern storage space user. Jestrax is easy to handle, even when fully loaded, it is easily and quickly installed and even more important, it is designed to fit the ever tighter budgets of commercial kitchen planner. The shelving units are mounted on ball-bearing castors and glide silent and effortless on special floor tracks so eliminating the need for aisles between shelving units. The amount of space devoted to storage can be dramatically increased, in certain cases by as much as 100 %.

Working routes to load and unload items in storage are reduced leading to considerable reduction of time and costs.

Please ask for our Jestrax Gliding Shelves System.